Space operas are awesome. But sometimes one desires a slightly lighter tone.

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Was all excited to play Dreamfall Chapters but when I actually booted it up I quickly figured out my computer couldn’t run it, even on the lowest settings.(It doesn’t have particularly high system requirements - my  comp’s graphics are just awful.)

The audio played at normal speed for the first bit, but the graphics were chugging along frame by frame so the music was long over and there wasn’t much happening.

I mean, I know my laptop’s graphics are crap but I’m still disappointed.

…oh well guess I’ll wait til I get a new computer


I’m not like other girls!XD


I only have guy friends. I mean all girls do is start drama.image

Oh my god, i hate sluts! image

Other girls my age like to drink and party but i like to stay inside and read or watch netflix! I’m so weird. image

All the girls in my school care about is makeup and shopping and all i care about is FOOD and VIDEO GAMES. lol sometimes i think i was born a guy.image

I would like to personally thank google for making google transit because otherwise figuring out exactly what time I should catch the bus would be a pain and a half

I’ve been playing Hyrule Warriors on hard with my sister and we’ve been doing pretty well!

Every once in a while one of us gets within a few hearts of dying but that just adds to the excitement.

Bought Hyrule Warriors today! It’s a good time.

I haven’t played as Link since the first chapter - it’s been all ladies all the time so far.

This game certainly keeps in Warriors games’ tradition of always having a fire attack.



The one thing missing from the trial scenes in How to Get Away With Murder is the appropriate Ace Attorney music for testimonies and finding contradictions and stuff.

Because “discredit the witness” is the unofficial rule one of Ace Attorney court because it happens every time

I deeply appreciate this post of yours space.

Now I want a HTGAWM video game based off of the Ace Attorney structure.

But instead of options like “Talk” and “Present” and “Examine” you get “Have Sex” and “Undermine Everyone Else in the Room” and “Punch Millstone”.

I’d play it.